Excellence Through E3

Have you ever been to a sporting event or a live concert and found yourself out of your mind with your excitement and joy?

When you ever come to any of our events, you would know that we provide the same kind of experience. We design environments where learning equals fun and excitement and where you are empowered to create profound changes that last a lifetime for the participant and the organization he belongs to.

First, we provide you the greatest Education anywhere: The best-of-the best, providing step-by-step proven strategies and tools you can apply immediately to transform the quality of your teaching and organization.

Second, we provide incredible Entertainment. Availing yourself of information is one thing; but to be inspired, feel the joy of living and performing at your best, to tap into your inner pride, strength, commitment and courage, is something entirely different. These are emotions that will drive you to apply what you have learnt for real and lasting results.

Third, our programs Empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learnt to create unstoppable momentum. You will not simply learn at our programs but you will do. You will live, breathe and apply tools and strategies of transformation until they become a part of your organization's identity.

Our Charter

Dhruvsatya Center for Personal Transformation Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known consulting firm distinguished by the extraordinary track record of its clients. Our purpose is to empower and enable organizations to generate extraordinary results and an exceptional quality of life for their people. We partner with clients to create, design, and implement organizational initiatives that result in significant, sustained change that produces measurable results in a surprisingly short period of time.

We bring an array of competencies that include building high-performance management teams, forging powerful relationships between diverse cultures and implementing new management models and cultural change.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to creating unprecedented business results in a surprisingly short period of time.

♦  We empower an organization to generate extraordinary results while creating an exceptional quality of life for its people.
♦  We align operations with strategy to ensure agility and performance.
♦  We enable an organization and its people to step outside adversarial roles and see the organization as a unified team.
♦  We develop an environment where organizations effectively design futures and develop the leadership necessary for implementing those futures.
♦  We mobilize and inspire people to move far beyond compliance to authentic ownership that calls them to participate fully and work effectively together.
♦  We ensure the sustainability of strategic change.
♦  We bypass predictable resistance of change, achieving short and long-term results.
♦  We build on the best practices of general management, and instill an in-house capability for achieving new and higher levels of performance.
♦  We provide clients with new access to their organizational culture through our innovative technologies.
♦  We don't offer just analysis, explanation, and advice, because we see implementation as a critical component in the success of any initiative, we build it in from the beginning.
♦  We put our clients' interests first, accepting only those assignments where both our clients and we can have maximum impact

Our Resource Pool

Dhruvsatya Center for Personal Transformation Pvt. Ltd.'s training and consulting team is governed by the constant urge to excel and is truly a well of talent comprised of a synergy of in-house talent and outsourced expertise-a true marriage of some of the finest minds in India.

Our Training & Consulting Team is modeled after McKinsey-the global leaders in consulting. The Team follows the highest levels of excellence as demonstrated by McKinsey. Their consistent commitment is to exceed customer expectations every time.

They comprise the very best experts from the various facets of industry and academics. They are brilliant in their thought leadership, applied and professional experience-rich in diversity, lethal in penetration; an explosive synergy of ebullient youth and grey hair experience. They are committed to consistently deliver more than what our clients expect from us.

Dhruvsatya Center for Personal Transformation Pvt. Ltd. works with some of the best talents from industry and academia that includes former deans of IITs and directors of reputed institutions, some of the most eminent organizational heads and senior managers and a pool of young talented freelance trainers who undertake training as an act of passion.