We are a 22 year old leading training and consulting company headquartered in Kolkata. So far we have served over 300 institutions including premier Engineering Colleges, B schools, NITs, Universities, Polytechnics, degree Colleges and Schools all over India & overseas. We have also served over 500 companies. We impart training and consulting services with respect to the following:

1.  Assisting institutes achieve NBA and NAAC accreditation
2.  Institutional ISO
3.  Faculty Development Training on Pedagogy, building a research culture, Writing and Publishing Technical papers, etc.
4.  Setting up of the Finishing School, Setting up of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell.
5.  Guidance on procurement of consultancy projects and grants.
6.  Developing the overall personality and communication skills of the faculty.
7.  Designing a robust faculty appraisal mechanism and ensure appropriate performance management system.
8.  Students Employability Development training

We are proud to announce that we are the only reputed brand of eastern India to provide effective consultancy to obtain accreditation from NBA and or NAAC. We possess outstanding credentials and a few of our client institutes have already received accreditation successfully from NBA.


1.  It ensures outcome based education and benchmarking of quality of teaching learning process.

2.  It improves the enrolment of students in terms of quantity and quality. States like Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, etc offer interest free educational loans on soft terms and conditions to the students of their states only for admission into NBA accredited programs of a HEI.

3.  Enrolment in non CS/IT departments like mechanical, civil, electrical, etc are dwindling gradually; and if those departments obtain accreditation from NBA, the departments will survive in the present scenario.

4.  Employers from abroad (middle East) prefer graduates from NBA accredited programs only and member countries of Washington Accord prefer students from NBA accredited programs only for higher education (MS, PhD).

5.  Grants/funds from AICTE/DST/DAE/Govt are allotted to programs accredited by NBA only.

6.  If an institution is forced to decrease the intake due to prevailing circumstances, the NBA accredited programs can help them to regain their original intake.

7.  NBA and AICTE are shortly going to enforce NBA accreditation to all programs of technical education (UG, PG and Diploma) by 2025 and admissions will be open for accredited departments only.


Over the last 22 years Dhruvsatya has served over 300 institutions from India and overseas. These institutions comprise Engineering colleges, including NITs, Polytechnics, B-Schools, Degree Colleges, Schools and Universities . We have been the only private consulting company in the country to assist institutions procure grants during TEQIP. Over 20 institutions received grant through our assistance -- we have assisted a host of eminent institutions achieve NBA accreditation and we have trained over a lac of students and a sizeable number of faculty. As a result our conceptual foundation about NBA & NAAC is the best in the country. Our approach has been to make our consulting methodology easy and user friendly for the faculty therefore they connect much better, their ownership is higher and because we are able to infuse this interest -- their active participation and involvement in the accreditation journey is high. All these factors together help institutions fulfill their accreditation dream with our guidance.


We can see that among so many lac of graduates who pass out every year only a meagre percentage is employable. Procuring a degree or a diploma which later doesn't guarantee the skills and knowledge to the students when they enter the professional world has remained a huge challenge for long. For a sizable period institutions could survive and manage because there was some demand. But now the marketplace is very different- most institutions are not getting students for admission- this is hurting their basic survival. And with the advent of the new education policy the Government has made NBA and NAAC accreditation mandatory. Which means if your institution is not NBA accredited, AICTE will not automatically renew its affiliation. Before admission students now refer to the Institutional Ranking Framework to assess which institution is better in quality. And if the institution does not have NBA accreditation, their ranking will not be high enough to be attractive for admission. Similarly good faculty would not like to come and teach in an unaccredited college as it can never offer any growth prospect to them and the same applies for good employers.

So if any unaccredited institution seriously wants to continue and sustain in the education business, you have to procure NBA accreditation- there is no choice or else you risk extinction.