Consultancy Services

We at DCPT Pvt. Ltd. are committed to reinventing organizations. We accomplish this corporate transformation with the help of a number of transformational Consulting interventions. At the very beginning, we conduct a clinical diagnosis of the organization; based on the diagnosis we design our treatment for organizational therapy. Integral to the therapy is a dedicated and focused result driven approach. How can the performance / productivity parameters of the organization can be bettered, how can employee-performance, employee happiness and employee engagement, how can customer happiness, customer retention and customer engagement be improved. These are some of the benchmarks that we aspire to achieve through our customized consultancy services & HR Interventions.

Benefits your organization can expect from our consulting intervention:
♦ Identification and Implementation of Innovative Solutions
♦ Increased operations effectiveness at all levels
♦ Enhanced productivity and hence increased revenue generation
♦ Lowered work related stress and better work life balance
♦ Increased employee competence, motivation, and morale

We Offer: