Soumitra Chatterjee

Flagship Program: Achieving Execution Excellence

Today the biggest challenge for most Organisations is Execution- you may have the best team, the best resources, the best foolproof business plan- if you cannot manage your daily execution well, you've had it. While consulting with clients all over the country I see so many organizations struggling in this area. So let's try to fathom what for is the struggle really. We find there are many reasons for which execution is poor. An employee could be unclear about his/ her specific job role or exactly what are his/ her clear time bound deliverables, or he could be lacking in capability. It could also be that his/her boss has not communicated appropriately- may be the priorities were not identified properly or may be the time management was poor. Execution suffers due to high egos or lack of cross functional/ cross departmental coordination, or may be because some persons simply would not take any initiative or accountability- there could be lack of motivation, there could be stress or there could be complete absence of teamwork and organisational pride. Many times execution suffers due to lack of ability to look at the big picture, lack of an ability to anticipate or lack of response speed- I can cite myriads of reasons.

In this workshop we would examine in an organisation what are the real barriers to execution- and how can we build them as capabilities- how can we build a set of rituals in ourselves so that we become excellent in our daily execution. And when one achieves consistency in execution, no wonder he experiences a transformation in his results.

Learning outcomes:

♦ Help participants appreciate the importance of Execution in the context of individual and organizational performance.

♦ Help participants identify the major barriers to effective execution in an organizational context.

♦ Help participants learn how to overcome these barriers and consistently generate outstanding performance outcomes.

♦ Help participants understand the science of achievement and make them master the rituals and strategies applying which they too can blossom into outstanding achievers through Excellent Execution on a daily basis.

♦ Help participants appreciate the importance of human mind in the context of execution and develop insights and strategies from the latest Neuro Science research that teaches how one can prepare the mind set of an outstanding achiever.

♦ Help participants identify their fears and limiting beliefs and overcome them to achieve their goal.

♦ Help them create an unstoppable momentum that will make them generate massive action to manifest extraordinary results.

For whom: Managers at every level, Chief Marketing Officers, CEOs, General Managers, Head of Functions or Business Lines, Plant Heads, Middle & Senior Managers in Sales & Marketing/ HR, Planning, Purchase, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Representatives from NGOs, Working Executives, Business Owners, Self Employed persons, Consultants, Faculty Members & Students.