Soumitra Chatterjee

Flagship Program: Breaking Through

"Breaking Through" is our ground breaking program on developing outstanding selling skills. This program had won us a National Award in 2014 and many of my clients like ACC, Lafarge, Birla Corp, Britannia, Maruti, etc. to name a few have reported record breaking sales performance. This program deals with how to develop the mindset of a sales superstar, how to organize like a superstar sales person, how to handle any objection effectively, how to effectively open a call, how to effectively close and get the order no matter what, how to generate secondary sales, how to effectively manage your channel, how to crush any price related objection and be able to hold on to your price, how to effectively identify and drive the value proposition of your product and outcompete your competition and most importantly how to sustained your motivation day by day inspite of any challenge and in the face of stiff targets and be able to achieve any targets any time. The program would also comprise role plays.

Learning outcomes:

♦ Participants learn how to develop the mindset of a sales - superstar.

♦ Their selling skills improve many notches especially wrt generating secondary sales, handling objections, crushing price related objections and effective closing.

♦ They learn how to use our state of the art tools to generate record breaking sales performances and higher market share.

For whom: Middle & Senior Managers in Sales & Marketing, Business Owners, Self Employed persons, Consultants.