Soumitra Chatterjee

Flagship Program: Awaken Your Giant Within

"Awaken Your Giant Within" is about creating breakthroughs. This is our most popular module that has been taken by over 1L people. It is an extraordinary life changing workshop where you will break through your fear and step into power. You will create unstoppable momentum in your life, activate the driving force that moves you into massive action, be able to place yourself in a peak emotional, mental and physical state instantly, identify and replace all your limiting beliefs to gain substantial results. You will start practicing true leadership. You will turn your dreams into reality with the power of neuro success conditioning. You will learn the master principles for a vital life and experience the power of pure energy, dramatically increased energy, vitality and enthusiasm. You will break through from the prisonership of your past. You will live a life that you love and live it with power and passion and with complete self-expression. You will design a new destiny and navigate towards a new life by learning the power of goal setting.

Learning outcomes:

♦ Help participants appreciate the unlimited potential that each one of them possesses and how to harness the same.

♦ Help participants identify the immense powers of the human minds & how to harness the same to consistently generate outstanding performance outcomes.

♦ Help participants understand the science of achievement and make them master the rituals and strategies applying which they too can blossom into outstanding achievers.

♦ Help participants appreciate and develop insights and strategies from the latest Neuro Science research that teaches how one can achieve mastery in one's domain starting from scratch.

♦ Help participants identify their fears and limiting beliefs and overcome them to achieve their goal.

♦ Help participants develop an extra ordinary Psychology that will enable to operate at World Class with the power of Nuero Success Conditioning.

♦ Help participants appreciate how they can create a compelling future through the power of Goal Setting.

♦ Help participants identify how they can experience increase vitality, energy and enthusiasm.

♦ Help them create an unstoppable momentum that will make them generate massive action to manifest extraordinary results.

For whom: Managers at every level, Chief Marketing Officers, CEOs, General Managers, Head of Functions or Business Lines, Plant Heads, Middle & Senior Managers in Sales & Marketing/ HR, Planning, Purchase, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Representatives from NGOs, Working Executives, Business Owners, Self Employed persons, Consultants, Faculty Members & Students.