Assessment & Survey: Disc Assessment


DISC is a system of self-assessment based on William Moulton Marston's behavioural model that was first described in his 1929 book "Emotions of Normal People". As per his described model behaviour of a typical individual can be distributed in four major factors or dimensions - (i) Dominance - D, (ii) Influence - I, (iii) Steadiness - S, and (iv) Compliance - C.

It is a way of describing the patterns in a person's behavior and using the same knowledge into understanding in order to predict how they are likely to act in a future. In case of real world application either in a workplace scenario or in a general life situation, DISC tools can come in great help wrt understanding how the individuals are going to further act in a particular situation - for example in a new job role, in a new team dynamics, etc.

So it is a complete psychometric tool DISC had become an indispensable part of everyday life in many parts of industry and commerce. That's especially true in HR, of-course, where its widely used in recruitment, but - it also had wide applications in the areas from management and training. One of the reasons DISC is of such practical value is that it is designed to look specifically at a individual's business-related behaviors.

Application Areas of DISC

♦  Leadership and executive development
♦  Recruitment and Job Evaluation
♦  Management training
♦  Sales training
♦  Conflict management
♦  Teambuilding
♦  Customer service
♦  Communication
♦  Job coaching


♦  Our report and recommendations will explain the overall personality of your employees.

♦  Look deep into the ways they're likely to perform their job.

♦  Provide crystal clear idea on the key areas such as motivation, communication style and decision making abilities to describe their working styles related to their real-life working conditions and challenges.

♦  Explore further the candidate's suitability for a particular role in management, sales, service or technical work.

♦  Vividly describe their approach to working relationships and teams.