Assessment & Survey: Employee Engagement Survey


Great organizational performance is a direct result of great organizational motivation which comes from great employee motivation which again is a result of employee satisfaction. Hence, it is critically important to really know whether your employees are really satisfied - What are their opinions and thoughts about the organization's various issues like future, their growth prospects, their package, about the management, the leadership, etc. The process that makes you collect these information and process them for necessary action is an Employee Engagement Survey.

The best organizations conduct these surveys from time to time so that they can design or re-design the current policies and implement the changes in order to increase efficiency, output, involvement of employees, etc. It also helps them in retaining the best talent within the organization.

Employee Engagement improves Profit Margins/Productivity/Customer Satisfaction/Safety Records/ Attendance Rates. Also, important attributes like the retirement policy, imbalance in job distribution, individual workload, work-life imbalance, conflicts and interpersonal relationship issues, job-security, lack of promotional opportunities, lack of authority, employee biasness, etc. As per the statistics available engaged employees generate 43% more revenue. After the survey by following applying our recommendations you can increase employee engagement and hence accelerate direct organizational growth - you may also benchmark your results with the BEST ENGAGED ORGANIZATIONS.

Activity flowchart for our Employee Engagement Survey:

♦  Interacting with the HODs / HR / L&D to identify the outcomes and critical success factors of the survey.

♦  Interact with some identified members of the senior management one - on - one to identify the above with clarity.

♦  Based on the above specify and customize the survey methodology and divide the demography in different focus groups.

♦  Conduct Focus Group Sessions with pre-identified no. of participants.

♦  Repeat the Focus Groups if required - for further reinforcement and greater clarity on inputs.

♦  esign the final Employee Satisfaction Survey questionnaire.

♦  Conduct the Paper Based Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) for the participants.

♦  Collation and analysis of the data.

♦  Preparation of the report along with survey findings and recommended remedial action plan.

♦  Report Presentation.