Assessment & Survey: EQ Assessments

Dhruvsatya Emotional Intelligence is a very important ability to be effective in the workplace - People sensitivity, adaptability to new situations, flexibility, compassion, assertive behaviour, motivation, passion, managing stress are some of the key attributes for becoming successful. It is important to know scientifically wrt each of these above traits where does one stand - what are one's weak areas and how can one overcome the same to be more effective is a critically important aspect for executive, managerial and leadership development. An EQ (Emotional Quotient) assessment is a tool to assess the emotional health and fitness of an executive or a manager.

Application Areas of EQ

♦  Leadership and executive development
♦  Recruitment and Job Evaluation
♦  Management training
♦  Executive Coaching


♦  Organizations will better understand the emotions and relationship management abilities of their employees, leaders and managers.
♦  Organizations will be able to recruit more emotionally fitter candidates.
♦  Organizations will be able to better foster a culture of engagement and loyalty within its premises.
♦  Organizations will be able to fine tune the management skills of their employees further to create a capable next line of leadership.