Assessment & Survey: Managerial Excellence Survey

Dhruvsatya If there is a scientific tool that can help an organization identify accurately how strong or weak are the managers write a set of specific capabilities and competencies - then the leadership can accurately plan the development of these managers to make them more effective. A managerial excellence survey helps you get this accurate report and hence plays a very important role in developing managerial and leadership effectiveness in your organization.

A managerial excellence survey hence plays a major role in accelerating and improving your topline and bottomline performance of the organization.

Outcomes from our Managerial Excellence Survey:

♦  Help you define the Leadership Competency Framework specific to your organization if you haven't set one.

♦  Give you a clear picture of where your managers are currently w.r.t. the identified competencies within your Leadership Competency Framework.

♦  Help you be more aware of the psychological drivers, motivators, and "blind spots" typical of your managers and their managerial styles.

♦  Identify specific areas where these managers are not faring well and also areas where they are average or below average.

♦  Help you clearly identify the priorities while developing your managerial development initiatives.

♦  Help you design clear, focused, and specific development roadmap for these managers - Also, suggesting how they can enhance their performances by putting more into use their specific strengths.

♦  As a cumulative result of all of the above - management competency in your organization shall most certainly accelerate resulting in even better productivity, performance, and higher employee motivation.