Consulting Intitiative: Assessment Center


Assessment in the context of enhancing organizational productivity and performance is gaining ground day by day. With the assessment methodology improving day-by-day assessment results are getting more and more accurate - and this is helping to improve the quality of recruitment, building leadership pipeline, helping to design the development plans for sales teams, helping managers to better assess and manage their team members, applications of assessment are manifold in the corporate organizations today.

With the evolving and diversifying business challenges a more scientific approach towards understanding and defining the knowledge, skills and attitude of their employees specific to their roles and to help them perform their job more effectively is the need of the day. There is also a definite need to objectively assess the employee's performance based on pre-defined competencies and behavioral indicators. Recent scientific research have also justified that there is no plausible substitute to objectively assessing employee's competence and conducting assessment and development centres right from the selection and on-boarding through different phases of tenure within the organization. Assessment Centres is the most effective tool available today for assessing your employees both at the individual and group based environments.

How can we help you:

♦  Conduct microscopic level analysis of job profile and desired competencies.
♦  Use various tools to elicit specific position - indicators for each job profile.
♦  Develop a comprehensive job description for every position across all the departments to ensure that positioning of people is justified to the maximum.
♦  With our own signature tools and techniques, we identify an employee's suitability to the roles & responsibilities and also identify the developmental areas which will make him more effective in his/her job roles.

How will it benefit you?

■  Improve accuracy and broaden the range of selection methods to be used during the interview process.

■  Provide objective, uniform and detailed information pertaining to their abilities specific to the roles they are being considered for.

■  Data collected from the assessment centres can be utilized to construct relevant information wrt designing specific development plans for the employees.

■  Help scrutinize expected patterns and areas of deficiencies of the employees within the organization thus helping in designing and conducting effective & appropriate training programs to overcome those weak areas.

■  Instigates positive reaction from the employees regarding their feedback, developmental areas and recommendations during appraisal thus making appraisal feedback more acceptable to the employees.

■  Feedback from the Assessment Centres lay the foundation for effective HR decision making process by the higher management providing relevant decision making criteria and pointers.