Consulting Intitiative: Succession Planning

Dhruvsatya Many a time it has been found that when a very senior manager / an HOD leaves the organization - the organization struggles for direction as no capable successor has been groomed. In this context succession planning is of vital importance for the survival and growth of any organization. Succession planning is the process of identifying existing employees from your organization and developing them further to fill in the key leadership/managerial positions. While organizations think of creating managers from their existing team of junior level executives, it has to keep in mind that this change should produce results in-sync to the expectations of increasingly challenging and demanding marketplace. This means that organizations will have to do a lot more than improving the efficiency of their executives and changing the way they viewed their world and conducted their business. This also means transforming their established thinking patterns, and also modifying their existing behavior.

Our intervention will help your organization identify the appropriate successors and design and develop their leadership effectiveness within the stipulated time such that they are war ready. It will help you executives blossom into excellent managers whilst they learn successful practices in managing people and handling on-the-job challenges. They will gain comprehensive understanding of what makes an effective manager - from developing positive relationships, exercising team leadership and motivating people, setting performance expectations and coaching to empower growth.

How can we help you.

Through our intervention your executives will:

♦  Find out the key critical positions which can take your organization to meet the set objective.
♦  Frame key important competencies for each of the identified positions.
♦  Develop strategies (which work best for your organization) to identify internal resources and create a development plan.
♦  Develop a broad understanding of managerial concepts and techniques
♦  Practice implementing the key functions of a manager
♦  Elevate their ability to engage, recognize and motivate others
♦  Understand the basics of coaching to turn talent into strengths
♦  Discover ways to work through difficult conversations and issues
♦  Learn to create and maintain effective teams
♦  Create follow up practices and procedures to every suggested intervention.

How will it benefit you?

■  Improve the availability of readymade professionals who can take up an elevated leadership role as they become available or as per the need of the organization.

■  As a result the organization will never be in the dearth of experienced professionals who are familiar to the operations, hence development of the leadership pipeline will be quick and easy.

■  Culture of Lateral Movement will be evident in your organization with employees wanting to associate with the organization long-term - there will be evident reduction in employee attrition and employee dropouts.

■  The employees shall begin to appreciate the time and effort the organization had invested in them and get motivated to progress within the same organization.

■  Cut the operational cost involved in hiring and training and development of new people.

■  Promote accountability, credibility and trust of an employee towards the organization.

■  Bring in more clarity of structures and job roles