Consulting Intitiative: Training Needs Analysis


Our expertise will help you gather relevant data that will help you exactly define what training needs to be developed to help your employees and your organization accomplish their goals and objectives. Our pool of unmatched experts, their expertise and our experience having operated in this domain for over two decades gives us an extra edge over your regular managers to look at your employees more closely and granularly assess current levels of their understanding wrt their organization, their products, their roles and responsibilities as well as judge their operational skills and abilities along with what skills and abilities they need to develop in order to rise up to the expectation levels of the organization and the department. Also our recommendations do not carry the usual baggage of biasness towards any particular employee or group of employees that is usually seen when the training need is being conducted by the regular managers.

In the light of our assessment and based on our recommendations you can seriously look at your training and development as series of activities to provide your organization, on a continuous basis, a regular supply of skilled manpower to meet the present and future needs. Moreover, by providing your employees quality training that is scientifically and meticulously assessed you will assure success for your organization in the long term. We as your consultants will help you do the groundwork from where you can start working on equipping your employees with new skills, competencies and techniques - without any second thoughts you can start investing on the development of your employee's skills and increase productivity, performance and profitability of your organization.

Detailed methodology of our Training Need Analysis (TNA) initiative:

♦  Kick off meeting with top management of the company regarding company policies and business plan.

♦  Analysis of the training needs identified for the employees through their Annual Performance Appraisal Report.

♦  One to one meeting with Head of Departments) for understanding the training requirement in Behavioural, Technical & Functional area for employees of respective departments.

♦  Meeting with Shop In-charges/Sr. Officers of each shop/section and recording their inputs through a pre-designed questionnaire. Any suggestions of suitable training courses to be recorded. Training need to be identified for each Officer and Supervisor whereas for Operatives and Office Assts. training needs to be identified grade/trade wise. However, a recommended list of employees (Operatives & Office Assts.) for each training area to be prepared in consultation with Shop/Section in?charges.

♦  Collation and analysis of data obtained for each department and presentation to HODs on the training need assessments.

♦  Compilation of assessments of each department and recommendation of appropriate training programs/courses (with schedule if available).

♦  Preparation of Consolidated TNA draft and presentation of the same to top management.

♦  Preparation of Training Calendar covering all categories of employees.