Consulting Intitiative: Competency Mapping

Dhruvsatya Competency approach to job depends on competency mapping. Competency Mapping is a process to identify key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. Job Evaluation, Training and Development, Executive Coaching/Feedback, Recruitment and of course Performance Management) of the organization.

Salient features of our Competency Mapping Process:

A number of methods and approaches have been developed by us and successfully tried out with many of our clients helping them attain successful results for their business. Our methods have helped our clients to a large extent, to identify and reinforce and/or develop these competencies both for the growth of the individual and growth of the organization.

Following are some major approaches of competency mapping with minimum variations to suit the client's needs:

♦  Conduct a detailed job analysis by asking incumbents to complete a position specific assessment centre. The primary goal of the assessment centre is to gather from incumbents what they feel are the key behaviours necessary to perform their respective jobs. In some of the cases we also use different survey questionnaires to assess what employees need to say about themselves, their jobs, and about the organizational climate and policies.

♦  Using the results of the job analysis, a competency based job description is developed by us.
" We develop the above after carefully analysing the input from the represented group of incumbents and then converting them to standard competencies that suit the organizational goals and objectives.

♦  With a competency based job description defined, mapping the competencies is done. The competencies of the respective job description become factors for assessment on the performance evaluation.

♦  Further as an addition to our competency mapping initiative, we evaluate the individual competency specific results to identify on what competencies individuals need additional development or training. This helps our clients in focusing on the training needs required to achieve the goals of the position and of the company and help the employees develop toward the ultimate success of the organization.

♦  Write comprehensive JDs/KRAs/KPIs as per the business, person, position, or job role and implement the same throughout the organization.