Consulting Intitiative: Key Result Areas, Key Performance Indicators

Dhruvsatya Unless employees are results driven - productivity and good performance can never happen. Neither execution excellence can be implemented. Hence KRA (Key Result Area) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are so vitally important for manifesting high quality performance. We have observed that because many organizations have not been able to establish granularity, specificity and measurability in their KPIs their performance have taken a serious beating.

With our experience of working with numerous companies we bring you the expertise of making sharp, measurable performance indicators that enhance the clarity of the employees wrt what are their clear deliverables - This clarity enhances employee motivation and manifests into high quality performance.

Detailed methodology of our KRA/KPI initiative:

♦  Sensitise the participants about the importance of KRA, KPI

♦  We sit with the individual departmental members in presence of the HOD and help set the JD/KRA/& KPI in the form of a Focus-Group discussion.

♦  We subsequently help design a granular action plan wrt how to achieve the KPIs.

♦  We also help you install a robust review mechanism along with the review template wrt how to review the achievement of the KPIs. This will enhance performance management and make high quality performance more predictable.

♦  We help identify organisational/departmental challenges and pain areas and subsequently make an issue bank, identify priorities and look at solving many of them.

♦  We also identify some challenges and help them convert into initiatives, theme them, identify champions who would drive these initiatives and accordingly make a granular action plan.

♦  As a result execution excellence is built and subsequently high quality performance is generated.