Training Program: Behavioral Based Safety


Through our experience of 2 decades of working with 400 organizations we have noticed that in 98% cases the key reason for which accidents happen is lack of safety orientation amongst the employees of an organization. Many organizations feel that by hiring a safety professional or having a safety department a safety culture can be established - What we have seen is that unless the HODs, all members of the management, every executive, every employee, every workmen, changes their current attitudes, behaviors and actions and make safety orientation a part of their DNA - a safety culture can never be established. If you don't have the attitude the motivation and the buy-in within yourself to drive safety for your benefit - all the planning that the safety department churns out will be of no value.

It is here we come in. As the only transformational training company in India, we know how to change behaviors of people better than anyone else - Our behavioral safety programs are designed to transform employees, executives and managers by changing their current habits, installing new rituals, and ensuring new results through a dashboard approach. We motivate individuals to overcome their own addictions for a safer, longer and happier life - We teach them meditation by which they can remain calm in the face of provocation or crisis and overcome anger and workplace excitement. We also use some other transformational means to drive behavioral safety and manifest a cultural transformation in the workplace.

We have a series of programs and interventions from which you can choose to suit your needs:

1. Human Psychology towards Industrial Safety
2. Tools, equipment and Procedures Sensitization
3. Consequences and effect analysis of behavioral safety
4. Why safety at the workplace
5. Safety performance measurement
6. Behavioural motivation
7. Behavioural safety assessment survey
8. Commitment to EHS


♦  Help employees become familiar with the theoretical and practical aspects of behavior based approach to continuous improvement in occupational safety and health performance.

♦  Introduce effective management of human factors in Safety

♦  Understand why employees take risk and eliminate this attitude

♦  Implement strategies and action for the management in taking risk

♦  Integrate accident preventive goals and objectives with that of production