Training Program: Behaviourial Skills

Dhruvsatya Lack of Behavioural skill and competencies can be a major deterrent to work place performance-lack of positive attitude, positive focus, ability to manage distractions, ego, lack of responsibility and accountability, lack of initiative and ownership, lack of organizational pride can hurt any organization. Introvertness, lack of concentration, inability to be flexible and connect with different levels of colleagues, seniors and customers, lack of confidence, etc. can seriously hamper everyday workplace performance and also damage the workplace environment and overall working culture of any organization. It is hence imperative that these are developed.

Our programs are like full immersion experiences. They educate, they entertain and they empower with breath taking lectures, animated interactions, hard - hitting experience sharing, aided with rock-concert like music and dance. Our programs force the participants to change their state of inertia and put them into peak mental and emotional states. When participants access these powerful emotional states and experience high burst of energy in their body alongside they can make the change that they were resisting for long. It is in this space that they access the enormous personal power that was lying locked and are inspired to unleash to set amazing goals, commit to massive actions and aspire for unprecedented results. They break their fear by breaking a real wooden board - to experience liberation, raw courage and fearlessness. This is how they continue to generate breakthroughs. This is how their thinking changes, their language changes, their behaviour changes. As a result they experience overall personal transformation. In some of the programs the participants also undertake the Fire-Walk experience - which completely liberates them from any prisonership of the past.

In all our programs that fall in these sections we help develop these key behavioural competencies amongst the participants:


♦  The participants shall experience enhanced motivation and confidence.
♦  The participants shall experience enhanced ownership, responsibility and accountability.
♦  The participants shall experience Enhanced self-esteem and organizational pride.
♦  The participants shall experience better team bonding, a higher performance orientation and and a happy workplace.
♦  Drastic enhancement in employees taking ownership of their jobs.
♦  Demonstration of positive behaviours to get things done and do them well.
♦  Emotional and mental engagement to their job and to their organization increases manifold.
♦  Internally driven and independent of external obstacles and blocks.
♦  Contribution to creating an organizational environment that fosters excellence.
♦  Demonstration of far better interpersonal skills, become better listeners and become skilful especially while communicating in difficult situations.
♦  Assertiveness enhances manifold - they are able to communicate their ideas, opinions, beliefs and needs a lot clearly.
♦  They become a lot more effective in dealing with stress and their ability in working in groups.
♦  Their negotiation skill also improve a lot.
♦  The employees also demonstrate higher ethical standards and they become more value driven.
♦  Their awareness about themselves increases manifold and can take charge of their emotional triggers more effectively.
♦  They become far more flexible and open to their opinion of others and become better in resolving conflicts and reaching consensus and enhancing cohesion amongst the team members.


# Power of ownership, responsibility and accountability
# Improving self-awareness
# Developing Positive attitude
# Interpersonal Skills
# NLP for professionals
# Managing workplace anxiety