Training Program: Induction Training

Dhruvsatya Organizations need to build its future leadership pipeline. Keeping this in view the organizations must envisage a robust induction program for its new joinees. A good induction program can make a very strong impact on fresh, impressionable, aspiring minds - fresh from the campus and new to the corporate arena. Our induction program should cover development of behavioral and professional attitudes and skills that are so vital for professional success along with communication, team building, accountability, result -orientation, etc. In addition they would be given an overview of the organization - the ship-building industry, the national scenario - its challenges - skills and competencies required to succeed and how to develop the same, along with a stint in every department before their specific departmental job allocation is decided on.

♦  Workplace Safety
♦  Increased retention rate
♦  Improved employee moral
♦  Increased productivity, and;
♦  Increased sense of acceptance into the organisation