Training Program: Sales and Marketing

Dhruvsatya Effective marketing and selling skills are vital to any organisations survival, progress and success. In the era of high competition this skill is extremely important. Organisations must beat their competitors, be aggressive, be able to build effective brands, must engage with their clients more aggressively at all platforms, be able to hold on to their prices by not giving discounts amidst the fiercest competition and be able to ongoingly increase their sales, market share, profitability and be able to generate ongoing customer excellence for retaining and expanding a happy customer base continuously.

Our courses on sales and marketing are undoubtedly the best in the country. Our courses not only enhance individual selling skills, help develop successful sales strategy but also they teach how to set aspirational sales targets and achieve them with our granular complete dashboard approach over the years our courses are generated record breaking sales results for a host of clients like ACC, Lafarge, Maruti, Birla Corporation, Emami etc. to name only a few. A couple of years back our intervention also received a National Award.

Many of our programs are in a workshop mode and some are in the form of yearlong interventions where a pan India / pan International sales team undertakes our training through a Sales Academy approach where we monitor the progress of each individual and each team over a period of 1 year or more to help them achieve record breaking history making sales results.


♦  Meet sales targets and make the most of opportunities and translate sales and marketing training effort into real time profits
♦  Eliminate the negative impact of missed sales opportunities on your business
♦  Successful business strategies leading to increased productivity
♦  Reduces risk of business failures
♦  Increased employee motivation
♦  Higher efficiency
♦  Analyze the hidden needs of the customer
♦  Perform gap analysis
♦  Ways of creating a positive experience for the customer
♦  Dealing with possible challenges of losing a customer
♦  Business expansion with repeat and referred business
♦  Reduced cost for customer acquisition
♦  Fosters mutual respect between business and customer
♦  Creates a delightful experience for the customer
♦  Increased revenue
♦  Know your market needs, identify gap with the existing product line and take suitable measures
♦  Reach out to maximum public
♦  Create credibility among your customers
♦  Promote the value of your products
♦  Support and help appropriate pricing over competitors
♦  Attract new customers
♦  Retain old customers and widen your influence zone through reference
♦  Protect your business from any expected/unexpected economic fluctuations
♦  Create reservoirs of trust and faith and promote organization's goodwill
♦  Expand massively in the existing market and create new markets.
♦  Make use of different social media platforms
♦  Increase the visibility factor of your organization within the same industry
♦  Help you create consistency of your services and quality standards
♦  Promote and expand the existing customer zone
♦  Understand different models of negotiation
♦  Choose appropriate negotiation style as per the situation
♦  Prepare for win-win negotiation
♦  Bring in negotiation in daily life
♦  Improve relationships and reduce conflicts with effective negotiation skills
♦  Leads to professional development in terms of better career opportunities and sustaining the growth rate
♦  Reduces the chances of getting into conflicts
♦  Higher the profitability factor which you can create for your organization
♦  Builds in the ability to persuade
♦  Understand the key essentials of sales.
♦  Get internally motivated for more number of closures
♦  Develop SMART goals
♦  Create and present meaningful information to the client
♦  Identify the hidden need and address it appropriately
♦  Create closures effectively
♦  Learn follow up and post closures strategies
♦  Build customers on reference and repeat business
♦  Develop rational problem solving and decision making techniques
♦  Transition from sales to effective sales management process
♦  Effectively prospect new market and clients
♦  Ensure high productivity from your team members
♦  Plan and organize in advance
♦  Bring in standardization


# Sales Fundamentals
# Customer Service
# Customer Retention Strategies
# Brand building strategies
# Advanced Selling Skills
# Triple your Business Growth by building a World-Class Salesforce - Our Sales Academy - Certification Program
# Sales Target Setting - Making the granular Roadmap - preparing your sales dashboard
# Managing your Sales team - for Sales Managers
# How to run robust review meetings for maximum output
# Negotiation skills clinic