Training Program: Team Building


Teams are not readymade - they are built overtime - they need effort, intelligence, leadership, patience, processes and constant nurturing. There are certain activities, rituals and processes which need to be established, learnt and practised continuously to develop unification in a group and develop strengths and address weaknesses. How must a team respond during conflicts or challenges or crisis - These processes need to be learnt and constantly re-ion forced to build a robust organizational culture that will help them to blossom into a winning team.

In all our programs we painstakingly identify the pain areas and the challenges with great detail through interactions with relevant leaders, HODs and HRs. We also gather participant specific inputs, establish clear outcomes and granular processes and action plans as to how the outcomes can be achieved within a stipulated timeframe. We do this through our inbound as well as outbound programs.


♦  The participants understand the quality and attributes required to build a high performance team.
♦  They learn to align individual behaviour with team goals, departmental goals and company goals.
♦  They learn how to work together to establish goals that advance the organization's goals while aligning their personal aspirations.
♦  They understand the benefits and dynamics of team development better and learn new rituals, attitudes and behaviours to make the team work.
♦  They learn to create an organizational climate that supports teamwork.
♦  They become more sensitive towards the challenges faced by various teams and understand more clearly what the role of the leader and other members ought to be.
♦  They become better and skilled while dealing with intrapersonal conflicts and using emotional intelligence.
♦  They learn different strategies on how to keep their morale high while building a positive team spirit and attitude.
♦  They also learn how to and when to team before self.
♦  They learn to celebrate victories and achievement from their team members.
♦  As a result, the organization gets more strengthened from within and are able to achieve higher, bigger, outstanding performance outcomes.
♦  As a result the performance graph of the organization graph is accelerated - as a result the organization becomes more competitive resulting in steep rise in the national and global ladder.


# Creating High Performance Teams - Inbound
# Creating High Performance Teams - Outbound