Training Program: Human Resource

Dhruvsatya Human Resource management, development and retention along with performance management is extremely vital for any organization. The most important capital for any organization is human capital - a good HR department equipped with competent HR Executives and Managers is absolutely critical for any organization to perform and prosper. From recruitment to KRA/KPI setting, to performance management, to conducting training needs assessment, to draft HR policies, putting forward a HR Manual, to employee reward recognition - the HR today has a huge ambit to cover. Some of the topics mentioned above need in-depth understanding, absolute conceptual clarity and clarity about how to apply the same and this needs training and coaching.

In our customized programs that we cover in this section we deal in-depth with each of the topics - their relevance to the organizational context and how they can be implemented and what benefits the organization accrue out of these are taught.

Some of the programs are conducted in the form of workshops and some in the mode of interventions. In all cases our team studies the existing HR setup in detail, identifies the gaps by speaking to the leaders / HoDs. They identify the desired outcomes for the organization and subsequently align the same. The approach is intense and full of rigour with an attention to the minutest detail and complete employee specific orientation.

A common underlying theme for all these programs is measurability, results and ROI orientation. At the end of the day we are deeply committed to ensure that all our programs result in improvement that is specific, measurable timebound and reflects in topline and bottomline performance clearly for any organization.


♦  A much more confident HR team.
♦  A far better HR, people, process and performance linkage awareness amongst non-HR Executives and Managers.
♦  A far better clarity wrt the strategic levers that drive organizational and individual performance and how to establish them.
♦  As a result of the above there is higher employee satisfaction and hence better performance.
♦  They learn key strategic HR Issues and trends that are relevant to today's HR Mangers.
♦  They learn how to write Job descriptions, KRAs and KPIs.
♦  They learn how to design an appraisal format and how to drive appraisals.
♦  They learn how to identify the training needs in an organization, prepare a training calendar and drive the same.
♦  They learn how to design compensation and benefits package in an organization.
♦  As a result management is able to spot and reward top performing employees.
♦  This enhances rapport building between managers and team members while enhancing employee motivation.
♦  Ensure that the right talent is recruited and also reduces the operational cost to hire new talent and train them.
♦  Our programs help the organization identify gaps between the expected outcome and achieved results.
♦  They also unearth specific areas which can be improved and set benchmarks across different functional departments.
♦  They ensure time to time alignment and integration with the organization's vision, mission and values.
♦  As a result, a lot of internal organizational processes are strengthened.
♦  Through our assessment programs accurate employee potential is identified, and retention of the best can be ensured alongside creating a leadership pipeline and succession plan.
♦  Our assessment programs also ensure accurate recruitment and job fitment.


# Performance Management
# Talent Management
# Gap Analysis
# Employee Recruitment and Selection / Talent Acquisition
# Rewards and Recognitions
# Employee Satisfaction Survey
# Essentials of HR Legal
# Effective CSR
# Combating Sexual harassment at work place
# Competency Mapping and Benchmarking
# Facilitate KRA/KPI setting
# Conducting the training Need Analysis
# Conducting Appraisals
# Preparing your HR Manual