Training Program: Professional Skill Development

Dhruvsatya Workplace performance is directly proportional to professional skills and competencies. The programs under this section deal specifically to help sharpen each of the skills like problem solving, decision making, effective communication and presentation skills, developing assertiveness, listening skills, public speaking skills, etc. If any or some of these professional skills are lacking in an executive or a manager it most definitely affects not only their individual performance, but alongside their departmental performance and ultimately the organizational performance also suffers, which in turn negatively impacts the top-line and bottom-line performances. Apart from these, other negative symptoms include job insecurity, missing of deadlines, workplace tension, etc. that contribute to an unhealthy workplace environment..

Hence, it is absolutely essential for all organizations - for all departments to train their employees and make them proficient in the required professional skills.

We identify the exact workplace challenges even going to the extent of identifying participant specific inputs, based on which we develop simulated roleplays and make the participants practise those roles in our workshop - hence their development is more solid and rapid.

These programs will deliver the following extraordinary results at your workplace:

♦  Employees rapidly grow in their capability and confidence, hence productivity will enhance manifold.

♦  They will be far more confident than before and hence be able to shoulder more responsibility, workload and demonstrate higher accountability.

♦  As a result overall speed and accuracy at the workplace will increase, hence deadlines will be adhered more frequently.

♦  Overall effectiveness of the organization will enhance manifold which will get reflected in both topline and bottom line performances thereby making the organization more competitive.

♦  Individual employee growth and overall organizational growth will be faster.

♦  Individuals will fare better at their work, they will be a happier lot, their bosses will also be happier and hence overall workplace will be more growth oriented.

♦  Team bonding in the organization will be greatly enhanced.

♦  They will be able to strongly bind the team together and generate organizational pride.


# Problem solving and decision making
# Public speaking and presentation skills
# Building self-esteem and assertiveness skills
# Developing Listening Skills
# Business Communication - Verbal and Non-verbal
# Creativity and Innovation
# Advanced writing skills
# Developing inter-personal effectiveness
# Setting priorities and Time management
# Business etiquettes
# Achieving Work Life balance for Managerial excellence
# Conquering stress and managing health
# Effective coaching skills for Managers
# Conflict Resolution