Training Program: Motivational and Personal Transformation

Individual Motivation is key to Personal Transformation, extraordinary individual achievement and Outstanding Organizational Outcomes. Every individual is born after defeating 400 million sperms that proves that every person on earth is born competitive and blessed with unlimited potential. Extraordinary achievement happens when individuals become aware of their infinite potential, are able to ignite the fire that propels them to take massive action which ultimately converts the potential to outstanding performance.

Dhruvsatya The programs belonging to this section are transformational in nature - the key topics which are dealt in this section are how to break one's fear and limiting beliefs, the science of achievement and the art of fulfilment, how to create an unstoppable momentum that produces massive results, how to activate the driving force within that propels one to massive action, how to awaken one's subconscious mind and multiply one's mind power, how to be able to place oneself in peak emotional and physical state, the steps to permanent change and lasting success. how to set goals and turn one's dream into reality, how to generate increased vitality and enthusiasm experiencing high-energy for most of the time, putting the law of attraction and power of gratitude to practise, learning the power of visualization, developing Vision-Boards, etc.

In short these are life changing experiential workshops that truly lead to personal transformation.

These programs will deliver the following extraordinary results at your workplace:

♦  Participants will learn tools and rituals to drastically empower their employees and extract far better productivity out of them than ever before.

♦  They will be able to remain in positive emotional states for most of the time thereby generating consistent outstanding performances.

♦  They will learn how to raise their standards and that of their colleagues.

♦  They will learn to break their beliefs that were earlier limiting them.

♦  They will be able to shake up the workplace and create the momentum that was missing earlier.

♦  They will be able to become motivators to their colleagues and peer groups and hence extract a far better performance out of them.

♦  They will be able to eliminate negative self - talk from the workplace and create an environment of positivity.

♦  They will be able to strongly bind the team together and generate organizational pride.

♦  By breaking out from their past fears they will be able to operate as courageous, impactful employees.

♦  They will learn how to remain in high energy states for most of the time during the day.

♦  They will learn specific tools and rituals how to remain positive and focussed on their key goals.

♦  As a result of the above the organization will experience a drastic improvement in their topline and bottomline performance.


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# Catch Your Dreams - The Goal Setting Workshop
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