Training Program: Information Technology

Dhruvsatya We are living in a world in which technology and data are rapidly transforming organizations, industries and societies. Information systems and data analytics are providing unprecedented opportunities to not only transform business processes and increase productivity but also tackle various social and economic problems. Our courseware is strategically designed to suit the needs of every individual at every occupational level of the society. It touches upon the needs of everyone regardless and nevertheless the profession that he/she may be pursuing. Our repository of courses are extremely rich, evolved and tailored with clinical precision to suit your needs.

How we can help you:

Our pool of expert professionals, their deep domain knowledge, subject matter expertise and certified facilitatorship will ensure that all key learnings are delivered in the utmost effective fashion; is absorbed and assimilated well by the learner. We put to use the most advanced learning tools, proven learning techniques, training innovations and leaner and pragmatic course structures:

Courses Offered:

♦  MS-Office, Excel and Advanced Excel