Training Program: Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching is of critical importance in today's world to drive high performance amongst individuals and organizations. Successful coaches are able to empower, motivate and guide an individual to break their fears and limitations, alter their attitudes, thinking and behaviour and inspire them to change for better while generating higher performance levels. They are able to help an individual to resolve inner conflicts, find answers to difficult questions - both personal and professional. In our coaching interventions we commence by studding their assessment reports, appraisal sheets and communicate with some of their seniors to collect inputs and establish the key objectives for the coaching exercise. If these reports are not available we conduct our own assessment exercises along with a 360 degree feedback exercise before commencing the coaching process. This is followed by a detailed debriefing of the finding and subsequently establishing the goals of the coachee and the structure of the coaching intervention. During the intervention we not only sit one-on-one with the coachee but also sit with the team - in between there are feedback session that are held with his seniors and HR.

We have been able to successfully drive some extraordinary performance outcomes - both individual and organizational through coaching.


♦  The participants are able to identify the characteristics and attributes of the coaching process more clearly and how to develop them.
♦  They understand the importance and benefits of coaching to drive effective performance and motivate juniors.
♦  They learn how the various sensitivities in their mindset, behaviour and language that they need to bring in as a coach.
♦  They learn how to set objectives, gather inputs, structure the coaching session and drive coaching outcomes.
♦  They learn to be more assertive and drive accountability in their coaching partnership.
♦  They learn how to assist the coachee in making their goals, action plans and outcomes - the coaching dashboard.
♦  They learn how to integrate the workplace projects to drive, monitor and evaluate coaches performance and progress.
♦  As a result of the above they are able to impact organizational performance by developing leadership and managerial skills within the coachee.


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