Training Program: Leadership Development and Managerial Effectiveness

Dhruvsatya These modules are designed for individuals who have become managers very recently alongside middle and senior level managers who have been leaders for some time now. In these programs we coach the participants in the various aspects of leadership by helping them identify the specific traits that they need to develop to blossom into effective leaders by showing them the specific rituals that they must practise on a daily basis to ensure their leadership development. The same approach is taken for developing key managerial skills. We always try to integrate the leadership development to direct workplace projects through our "LEADERSHIP IN ACTION" model. This is integrated to a "DASHBOARD" approach whereby Leadership and Managerial development can be measured objectively for an individual against a variety of parameters and strategic levers.

Leadership development in an organization is of paramount importance - Leadership communication, execution excellence, empowering people, developing the leadership pipeline, developing Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan thriving in VUCA - these are all various dimensions of leadership which need to be developed in an organization for its accelerated progress and growth. Our programs belonging to this section have been specifically designed to develop these competencies in your organization by dealing in depth with each of these topics.

These programs will deliver the following extraordinary results at your workplace:

♦  The participants are able to enhance their individual leadership traits and learn where to apply which style.

♦  Their rational thinking and decision making abilities increase manifold and they are also able to inculcate the same in their team members.

♦  They learn to promote teamwork better and collaborate more.

♦  They learn to become better mentors and help their employees grow.

♦  They take higher responsibility and accountability of their task

♦  They are able to communicate the VISION, MISSION & VALUEs of their organization better to their people.

♦  They are able to make their employees more result oriented, cost centre oriented, revenue driven and dashboard driven.

♦  They learn how to plan more effectively, be more granular in their approach, and create dashboards and a strong performance orientation.

♦  They become better problem solvers and they are able to inculcate this abilities amongst their team members.

♦  They are able to become more effective in long term and short term strategies and become better at outcome planning.

♦  They learn to become far more process driven and learn the skills required to drive execution excellence

♦  They are able to develop leaders, prepare people for bigger decisions and greater risks during times of volatility and uncertainity.

♦  They are able to counter competition more effectively and are extremely profit driven and quick to eliminate waste and control costs aggressively.

♦  They are able to drive change more effectively.


# Transformational Leadership
# Communication Strategies for Leaders
# Leadership and Influencing Skills
# Developing Effective Leadership Styles
# The VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies & Action Plan) Workshop
# Developing Execution Excellence
# Empowering People
# Developing your Leadership Pipeline
# Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Tool
# High Performance Leadership
# Spiritual Leadership
# Developing Managerial Effectiveness
# Thriving in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)