When the whole world is sailing through uncertainty, and most people under Lockdown, going digital is the only option and the new normal. And amid this cynicism and despair we are happy to announce the launch of Dhruvsatya's Digital Academy for Personal Transformation committed to provide the finest and latest Online and Digital Courses for organisations, start ups, MSMEs and institutions. We bring you customised result oriented courses on the very latest topics that will help transform your people, productivity and performance. These courses are world class in their content and delivered by globally acclaimed best in class faculty. The courses will be available in the form of virtual classrooms, web cast, video & audio conferencing, virtual coaching, virtual panel discussion and digital summits.

Our currently available list of courses are as follows:
1. Mastering my mind in times of Corona
2. Meditation in times of Corona
3. Unleash Your Power Within
4. Developing Powerful Presentation Skills
5. Become a Sales Superstar
6. Introduction to business excellence
7. How to become effective in Working from Home
8. Developing the attitude of an outstanding achiever
9. Keeping employees motivated ( for HR execs and managers)
10. Developing new skills in times of Corona
11. Manifesting Business Excellence in Organisations
12. Making Innovation your growth engine- developing new products and new services
13. Developing Execution Excellence
14. KRA/KPI setting
15. BehaviouralSafety
16. Developing Managerial Excellence
17. Improving Organisational Productivity with 5S
18. Improving Organisational Productivity applying Lean six Sigma
19. Organisational Safety.
20. Statistical process control.

The courses that shall shortly be made available are:
1. Digital Marketing & SEO
2. Cyber security
3. Blockchain technology
4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
5. Design Thinking
6. Internet of Things
7. Augmented Reality
8. In search of Excellence (student employability development)
9. Faculty Development program

All our courses are very updated, relevant to the current market requirement, very application driven and extremely entertaining and inspiring in the mode of delivery for profound transformational impact. In some courses we also make participants draw out specific targets appropriate to their work area to maximize ROI for these courses.

We are deeply committed to the transformation of your esteemed organisation / institution and the performance and productivity of your people.

  View Our Webinar Gallery Page for the full set of Courses we have already held over the past few months  

Soumitra Chatterjee

Achieving Execution Excellence

Venue: Kolkata
Category: Managerial Skill

Today the biggest challenge for most Organisations is Execution - you may have the best team, the best resources, the best foolproof business plan - if you cannot manage your daily execution well, you've had it. While consulting with clients all over the country we see so many organizations struggling in this area.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

Awaken Your Giant Within

Venue: Kolkata
Category: Motivation

"Awaken Your Giant Within" is about creating breakthroughs. This is our most popular module that has been taken by over 1L people. It is an extraordinary life changing workshop where you will break through your fear and step into power.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

Breaking Through

Venue: Kolkata
Category: Sales & Marketing

"Breaking Through" is our ground breaking program on developing outstanding selling skills. This program had won us a National Award in 2014 and many of my clients like ACC, Lafarge, Birla Corp, Britannia, Maruti, etc. to name a few have reported record breaking sales performance.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

Achieving World-Class

Venue: Pune
Category: Personal Transformation

"Achieving World-Class" is the forthcoming book of our founder that is to be released by the end of this year. This has been converted to a transformational workshop that teaches how to become an outstanding achiever in life - how to become a World Class Executive or a Manager, how to develop a World Class mindset, thinking and attitudes.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

New Age Leadership

Venue: Delhi
Category: Leadership & Change Mgmt

"New-age Leadership in VUCA times (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity)" characterizes the business market place of today. Coping successfully with VUCA will need radically different approaches. Unless an executive or a Manager develops the skills and attributes to cope up with VUCA it will be difficult to survive. In this workshop we deal with the challenges of VUCA and how to successfully cope up with the same.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

Catch Your Dreams

Venue: Mumbai
Category: Personal Transformation

"Goal Setting" is all about how you can sustain your focus and get the best out of yourself by maximizing your potential. In order to help you invent an amazing future for yourself we have designed this world-class event - an event that will make all your dreams come true - you will identify dreams that you thought were unattainable. You will also experience a joy that you thought was impossible to experience.
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Soumitra Chatterjee

About Our Founder

Soumitra Chatterjee is one of the most sought after experts in motivational training, leadership development and the science of peak performance in India. He has recently completed 2 decades as a seminar leader and recently the cover of his forthcoming book "Achieving World Class" was unveiled at a glittering function in Kolkata. He is the founder and Managing Director of Dhruvsatya Center for Personal Transformation, which is committed to helping people more fully utilize their physical, mental, emotional, financial & spiritual resources to achieve personal and professional mastery.

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what differentiates us from other training companies


Over 17 years of proven, unmatched consulting experience with over 400 companies


Only training / consulting organization that is completely result and ROI driven


All our programs and interventions are customized to suit your requirements


Our team spends considerable time to probe your pain areas / challenges to design the intervention module


Our instruments will help you measure the effectiveness of training objectively


Our team researches to bring you the latest, best in class global insights and strategies


All our interventions are driven from a premise of transforming individuals and re-inventing organizations


We aspire for exceptional performance outcomes and hence consistently generate record breaking performances


Dedicated team, high on passion, energy, best-in-class proven domain expertise, ability to persuasively drive extraordinary results, research - driven approach with an aptitude for detail.


In the year 2001, a young successful corporate manager left his job to answer to his soul's calling of transforming people's lives through life-changing seminars and that is how "Center for Personal Transformation" was born. From the very beginning the vision of the organization was to empower people to conquer their limitations, convert their dreams to outstanding achievements and help them live powerful lives with full self-expression. The vision was to aspire and generate unprecedented, breakthrough results in organizations by constantly exploring new possibilities always acting with intense passion and aspire to make a difference. The organization committed itself in developing outstanding leaders in every work of life and bring transformation in individuals, organizations, educational institutes, sports, police, judiciary and the government.

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Our philosophy is EXCELLENCE through E3,

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